Saturday, June 4, 2011

Resort 2012: Bottega Veneta

So it begins...

Showtime again! To be honest I'm not the biggest resort fan. It's all beachy and windswept and look-at-me-with-my-tasteful-straw-hat. I'm more of a winter/stunning gown girl meself. But I have found some nice stuff in my travels.

Mmmmmm... chocolately-brown-leathery goodness. I love this colour and this look. I want a skirt/shorts this colour.

I love this shape and the cut-out look in the metallic material creates a really nice effect.

I WANTS IT. I can't figure out whether it's just one piece, or two layered over each other, but it is perfection.

I'm not sure why I like this, or even if I like it. I'm still figuring it out. It would look amazing on Blake Lively though.

I love the structured-corset bodice look on the dress and the soft, muted colour of the jacket. Hate the fringe on the shoes.

It's a swimsuit that looks like a cardigan. How could I not love it?

I have always loved those colours together and I want that bag like nobody's business.

So floaty and wispy and pretty :) Love that pink.

This looks like it moves beautifully, and that's fairly impressive for a still photograph.

I love this painty, screen-printy silk look and those colours are perfect together.

Finally, some pretty dresses! Love the shiny, ruffled black.

IF ONLY I wasn't short and nowhere near rich enough, I would have both of these and wear them every day. Like a boss.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fall 2011 RTW Wrap-up: Brights

The reds are my favourite, they're so so bright, neon-red; which I've always loved. This is also the reason I want these shoes:

Left to right: Betty Jackson, Betty Jackson, Costello Tagliapietra.

Left to right: Costello Tagliapietra, Costello Tagliapietra, Jenni Kaye

Left to right: Jenni Kaye, Jenni Kaye, Luca Luca

Left to right: Luca Luca, Nicole Miller, Nicole Miller.

All Prabal Gaurung.

Left to right: Wayne, Wayne, Wes Gordon.

Fall 2011 RTW Wrap-up: Patterns

I especially love the L'Wren Scott dresses.
Left to right: Adam, Charlotte Ronson, L'Wren Scott

All L'Wren Scott

Left to right: LAMB, LAMB, Peter Som, Prabal Gurung.

Left to right: Rebecca Minkoff, Rebecca Taylor, Rebecca Taylor.

Some Fall 2011 RTW Wrap-Up Posts On the Way, But First...

Jeremy Scott.

I cannot believe that I've never heard of this dude, 'cause he is awesome. Pop-culture + brights + an eclectic mix of stuff. Essentially this dude is Tavi in dude-form.

I'm not certain whether I love it or hate it, but it certainly makes an impression.

I love the bright colours and the bold prints.

Not sure about the fluffy stuff...

This dress is just so amazing

And just when you though it couldn't get any better...

(Photos via I <3 Wildfox)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


John Galliano's been sacked from Dior for being anti-semitic. What the actual fuck? Have we discovered the Mel Gibson of the fashion world?

Seriously guys, this is weird. Dior without Galliano.