Monday, December 6, 2010

Colours and lots of lace

Michael Kors

Getting a lot of inspiration from here I think, but a little easier to transfer from the runway to the street.


Such gorgeous deep purples and luxurious fabrics. It's the sort of thing I imagine wealthy socialites in the 1920s would wear to just laze around the house in.

Makes me miss the cold

Not that it takes much.

All of these beautiful rich pieces from the pre-fall collections make me want to move to somewhere where it is cold all year round and snows constantly. My only caveat is that if it's fur, it'd better be faux. Real fur creeps me out. I'm not sure how I can justify it with my lack of any issues with leather or my love of a good steak, but I cannot stand the idea of wearing a dead animals skin. Unless it's a possum, in that case I don't care in the slightest.

Pringle of Scotland

Look at that beautiful coat thingy (Cardigan? Sweater?). Soooo toasty looking. Hate the three-quarter pants though. 

I love that colour so much, it's like teal, but not as dull. Not sure about the shape, but I love the elbow-length gloves. 

Very 'look-at-me-walking-along-the-Thames' 

Elie Tahari

Looks like something Blair would wear to a day of seemingly not studying at Columbia. 

Old-hollywood glamour at its best. Put Scarlett Johansson or Christina Hendricks in it and its work is done. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010