Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fall 2011 RTW: Thakoon

I would like to start out by saying that all of the comic-book-coloured plaid is amazing, and every time I see it I imagine a friend of mine saying 'LESBIANS' (you know who you are).

My two favourite shades of the season, all warmly wrapped up together in wonderful picnic blanket plaid-y goodness. I actually think the dress on the right is a picnic blanket.

 If one were to wear the dress on the left with the shoes on the left and the jacket on the right (if it is a jacket, I'm still not entirely sure), one would look awesome.

I clearly like the print here, as I've got it twice. Prefer the cut on the left, but I love the shoes on the right.

I <3 that jacket. I'm not sure whether I love that dress or hate it, but it's certainly getting some strong emotions from me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fall 2011: St John/Z Spoke/Rachel Zoe

St John

When I think St John I think little dinky suits which are worn by politicians' wives. Or by politicians. The Emily Gilmore-type look. I was very pleasantly surprised by their fall collection.

It's Lily Van Der Woodsen chic. Yet another example of how leopard print can be classy. I love the grey ensemble as well, especially the gloves. 

Sparkly skirt! Sparkly skirt! With leather gloves! Caitlin likey!

Z Spoke by Zac Posen

Seriously beautiful models and great simple shapes. 

 Pair pretty pink dress with pretty black jacket and we've got perfection.
Rachel Zoe

I hate Rachel Zoe as a person. I think she's a massive part of perpetrating the ridiculous standards of beauty which do a great deal of harm to a lot of people. S it kind of bugs me that I love some of her line so much. I feel better when I think about how amazing some of these clothes would look on people of all shapes and sizes (and how much Ms Zoe would disapprove).

SHINY. I want the top on the right so much And the shoes. And on the left: SHINY AND BLUE!

Gorgeous colour on those pants and I think the number of camel coats I've been posting says something about how much I want one. 

SOOOO pretty. Military style buttons/sleeves + pouffy wee skirt + brocade = ridiculously cute. 

Fall 2011 RTW: Jill Stuart

Beautiful fabrics, great structured pieces, mixed with crazy patterns. 

And OWLS. 

What more could a girl want?

Fall 2011 RTW: Phillip Lim 3.1

Phillip Lim always has a few things I like.

There's that amazing blue again. So stunning. And I love the leather sleeves.

That camel coat gives Max Mara a resounding 'anything you can do I can do better.'

I have no idea what the pattern on that top is, but I love it. And I find it amazing that a dress which is basically a satin shift can look so amazing simply with a bit of lace and a belt.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fall 2011 RTW: Betsey Johnson, I love you with my whole heart.

Seriously, if there was one show I would have wanted to see in person it's this one. Not only are the clothes fun and a nice change from the sheer volume of pretentious stuff that gets sashayed down the runway at every fashion week, but it looks like the models had a LOT of fun doing it.

Love love love the cassette sweater on the left and the red leggings on the right. Would love them even more if they could be combined in some way.

Pretty flowers and leopard print EEEEE. Love the dresses. 

The ensemble on the left makes me so so happy. It looks like something a derby girl would wear. Or like something Beth Ditto would wear. I just love it. I put the one on the right up because I am SO SURE Betsey stole it from The Nanny's wardrobe. 

Someone buy me the tiger t-shirt plz. And the amazing school-lunchbox style top on the right. I'm pretty sure most of the stuff from the right pic on is from Betsey's new Pink Patch range which will be sold for $100 or less (US obviously, which makes it a wee bit more pricey for NZers, but STILL). EXCITE!

I want that dress I want that top I want those tights. That blue is electric and amazing.  

Sweater, be mine. Be mine forever, we need to be as one person. You can bring along your tartan legging friends and it can be a ménage-à-trois of beautifulness. I would love you more than any other girl could ever love you. And yellow shoes, We can see each other on weekends. Also I feel you'd be good to join our special little family over on the left. 

Okay, so I hate yellow. Especially en masse. But that is amazing. And look at how gorgeous she is and how much fun she is having. Also I believe that it is my destiny to own that black skull jumper. 

OMIGOSH that lightning sweater. With that skirt. AAAAAAA. SO much love. Also that model's expression is so cute, it's all 'yep, I'm wearing the shit out of this awesomely cute outfit.' And the ensemble on the right looks just like something Jem from Jem and the Holograms would wear. 

I think I want to be buried in those pants. For one thing I imagine they'd be SO comfortable. Not that comfort is really an issue when you're dead. But I really want them anyway. And the dress (and the shoes).

It would be perfect if the girl on the left was wearing the tights on the right. Also the actress looks like Rachel McAdams. 

I've never wanted so many things from one collection in my life. The dress on the left needs to be in my wardrobe now. I'd go nuts and wear it with the red leopard print leggings. 

I love the green snakeskin-y pattern of these, I love the neckline on the dress (but the lightning top with the mini takes the biscuit).

SUCH pretty dresses. Also sleeve tattoo + prom-style dress = awesome (don't worry mother, I'm still never getting a tattoo, I just think this particular one looks cool). 


I think my brain is overloading. I've run out of things to say beyond HUGHBLUGHUB. Except for pointing out how much I want and need those shoes. Not that I'c ever be able to walk in them, I'd put them on my mantlepiece or something. 

YEAH BITCH. I'M SWINGING MY WIG AROUND. And wearing completely fierce red. 

And Betsey herself to finish. If only I could wear yellow...

Seriously folks, there is may more than this, these are just my favourites, go here and check it out. And feel free to buy me any of these...

Monday, February 14, 2011

I can't believe I didn't post this at the time

My last post about BCBG reminded me. Oh my word I love this collection. And I just never got around to posting it.

So simple and structured, with such great eye-popping colour. I would very much welcome the last two in my wardrobe and I would make all the other law students jealous.

I really like this 'floppy/floaty things held in with stuff' look. That's a technical term right there.

Gorgeous classic dress shapes with twists.

HUGHBUNGUBHG. I love this. It's so..... bleh. I can't explain how this dress makes me feel. Also Blake Lively should wear this.

And when you're finally sick of all the structured bands of colour - SHAZAM. Big floaty red-black-yellow-grey dress right in your face.