Friday, January 21, 2011

This post's mostly filler

HEY so. I haven't posted here in ages, 'cause I've kind of lost the fashion vibe temporarily. But I posted this originally to my tumblr here, and thought it really belongs here, so presto posto!


I just got home from visiting this adorable new little vintage and craft shop called The Bread and Butter Letter which has a site here and a blog here.
It’s run by two ladies, one of whom is an old friend of mine from school, who is lovely and has a tumblr here. They have many beautiful things (I cannot possess them all) for sale including clothes, scarves, shoes, preeety bags, frames, journals, belts, hats and soft toys like this one:
which are made by another old school friend of mine Polly, who has sites here and here and has been drawing these amazing little guys for a long time (I have fond memories of entertaining French classes).
Here are some nice pictures of the shop from their blog:
It’s a really friendly little place which has tea and biscuits sitting on the table and may be a venue for future scrabble championships.
So anyway, I got these REALLY cute frames which I intend to fill with brand new lenses (which will hopefully allow me to see street signs again) so that I can finally live my dream of having glasses like an accountant from the sixties.
And here is a picture of me doing my librarian face:
With gross Auckland-humidity hair. 
I LOVE them and would start wearing them immediately if I could actually see. 
I implore all of you Aucklanders to visit the shop, 66 New North Rd Eden Tce.
It’s really the smart thing to do. 


  1. I heart those glasses. They remind me of the glasses all my aunties used to wear.

  2. Want this shop. Want go see this shop NOW.

  3. It's such a gorgeous little place. I have to remember to book an optometrist so I can get some lenses in these badgirls.