Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oscar de la Renta

Gorgeous dresses. I can already match them to red-carpet-celebrities.

Eva Mendes. She would be (as Jada Pinkett-Smith put it in 'The Women') fiiiiiiiiine in this dress.

Either Kate Hudson or Camille Belle I can't decide.

Marcia Cross/Nicole Kidman (they're basically the same person really)

Carey Mulligan (NORRRRRRR)

Angelina Jolie (hate her - love the dress)

Michelle Obama - I swear this dress was designed for her.

Tina Fey (or me, 'cause I'm planning on becoming Tina Fey).

I can see Kim Kardashian in this - even though I'm still not entirely sure how she's famous.

Anne Hathaway would look stunning in this dress

Someone striking enough to jazz it up a bit - maybe Zoe Saldana, but with a red or green sash not black.

Christina Hendricks (they'd have to let out the bust a bit...)

Anna Kendrick (she's so cyooooooooot)

Blake Lively

Scarlett Johanson.


  1. You can go ahead and replace all of those celebrity names with 'Laura Berger'.
    My mum loves Oscar de la Renta purfu; she can have the smelly water, I want the clothes.

  2. Pretty much. They're so classic, gorgeous hollywood style glamour :)