Monday, September 27, 2010

Osman/House of Holland/Twenty8Twelve

Wow, I really need to catch up. So here's three in one go:

Osman: clean lines, beautiful asymmetrical shapes and I LOVE the petal-pink train-thing that's attached to two of the pieces - so eye catching. I'm totally lusting after the brown top in the last photo as well.

House of Holland: The stars are so cute - very nineties feel to those first two pieces (in a good way). The green dress is such a beautiful colour and the shape is stunning.

Twenty8Twelve: Love the pouffy dresses and fifties-shapes. Also I can totally imagine Sienna Miller wearing all of them - which is refreshing. Sometimes you know that the designer would never actually wear what they design. Actually that seems to be a common thing with 'celebrity' designers - Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham included.

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