Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fall 2011 RTW: Betsey Johnson, I love you with my whole heart.

Seriously, if there was one show I would have wanted to see in person it's this one. Not only are the clothes fun and a nice change from the sheer volume of pretentious stuff that gets sashayed down the runway at every fashion week, but it looks like the models had a LOT of fun doing it.

Love love love the cassette sweater on the left and the red leggings on the right. Would love them even more if they could be combined in some way.

Pretty flowers and leopard print EEEEE. Love the dresses. 

The ensemble on the left makes me so so happy. It looks like something a derby girl would wear. Or like something Beth Ditto would wear. I just love it. I put the one on the right up because I am SO SURE Betsey stole it from The Nanny's wardrobe. 

Someone buy me the tiger t-shirt plz. And the amazing school-lunchbox style top on the right. I'm pretty sure most of the stuff from the right pic on is from Betsey's new Pink Patch range which will be sold for $100 or less (US obviously, which makes it a wee bit more pricey for NZers, but STILL). EXCITE!

I want that dress I want that top I want those tights. That blue is electric and amazing.  

Sweater, be mine. Be mine forever, we need to be as one person. You can bring along your tartan legging friends and it can be a ménage-à-trois of beautifulness. I would love you more than any other girl could ever love you. And yellow shoes, We can see each other on weekends. Also I feel you'd be good to join our special little family over on the left. 

Okay, so I hate yellow. Especially en masse. But that is amazing. And look at how gorgeous she is and how much fun she is having. Also I believe that it is my destiny to own that black skull jumper. 

OMIGOSH that lightning sweater. With that skirt. AAAAAAA. SO much love. Also that model's expression is so cute, it's all 'yep, I'm wearing the shit out of this awesomely cute outfit.' And the ensemble on the right looks just like something Jem from Jem and the Holograms would wear. 

I think I want to be buried in those pants. For one thing I imagine they'd be SO comfortable. Not that comfort is really an issue when you're dead. But I really want them anyway. And the dress (and the shoes).

It would be perfect if the girl on the left was wearing the tights on the right. Also the actress looks like Rachel McAdams. 

I've never wanted so many things from one collection in my life. The dress on the left needs to be in my wardrobe now. I'd go nuts and wear it with the red leopard print leggings. 

I love the green snakeskin-y pattern of these, I love the neckline on the dress (but the lightning top with the mini takes the biscuit).

SUCH pretty dresses. Also sleeve tattoo + prom-style dress = awesome (don't worry mother, I'm still never getting a tattoo, I just think this particular one looks cool). 


I think my brain is overloading. I've run out of things to say beyond HUGHBLUGHUB. Except for pointing out how much I want and need those shoes. Not that I'c ever be able to walk in them, I'd put them on my mantlepiece or something. 

YEAH BITCH. I'M SWINGING MY WIG AROUND. And wearing completely fierce red. 

And Betsey herself to finish. If only I could wear yellow...

Seriously folks, there is may more than this, these are just my favourites, go here and check it out. And feel free to buy me any of these...

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  1. Whoa. These are classic Betsey Johnson. Remind me of her 1986/1987 lines. Great, great stuff.