Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fall 2011 Couture: Steven Alan

This is the line for the hipster with a credit card. Seriously folks, these guys trendily look bored at Arcade Fire concerts, but they do it in style.

I'm loving the leopard print thing at the moment. Not in a 'Paula Bennet's car' kind of way, but nice and classy, like here. I especially love the little touch of the print with the camel coat on the left.

An even more subtle touch of leopard with the gloves on the left (WANT) and I love the colour of that dress. The coat reminds me of Donna Moss's coat in that episode in season 7 of the West Wing. I'd put a screencap, but I can't be assed.

Left: how to pay vast amounts of money to look like you thrifted it. Right: how to pay vast amounts of money to look like you made it. Love the shoes though.

I love the Willow-in-Buffy-the-early-years look on the left. I'm not entirely sold on the straight up and down skirt on the right, but the hat is great.

The left is very Patti Smith in the sixties and I love the red velvet duo with the sexy librarian glasses.

On the left is what I imagine Joni Mitchell would wear.

These guys are like totally amateur photographers. The one on the left inspired that someecards card about killing a band so they'd stay underground (Hee hee. Underground. I maded a punny).

Oh, bless him and his waistcoat buttons.

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